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Welcome To Daughter Dog Beads  

Well it all started when I was little.  I first saw a man working glass in a flame making glass animals.  Well since I grew up running around my mom’s pet shop I grew up with a love of animals.  Mainly dogs and cats but I love horses and little furry critters too.  I collected as many glass animals as I could ( or I should say) as many as I could talk my grandmother “LALA” into buying me.  I still have them today and look at them often.  I forgot about glass for many years but always wanted to try my hand at making those wonderful items in the flame. 

Then one day back in 1998 I saw a class being offered at Callenwolde Art Center to make glass beads with a torch.  Well I couldn’t do this alone so I recruited my sister to take the class with me.  Well enough said…….  We were both addicted after the first night.  I couldn’t believe that we could take these wonderful colors of glass rods and turn them into beads….  At first I was happy just making beads…  Didn’t do anything with them, just looked at my pretty beads and strung them all on a line which I still have today hanging by my torch. 

Then in 2002 my sister said we should go on vacation and go to Milwaukee, WI.  WHY??  Why would we want to go to Milwaukee, WI for vacation?   Well, the biggest bead show in the country is there, The Bead and Button Show.  We signed up for classes and we took a week and went up there.  Well after we got back I was hooked on beading…..  The next year we took Mom with us and then we were all hooked.  So that was that and now we all have lots of beads and glass and there isn’t enough time in the day to do every thing we want to do.

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Custom Animal Pendants

Daughter Dog Beads can create a custom pendant of your animal. Just provide us with a picture of the animal via email in either pdf or jpeg and we will create a custom 7/8 inch square pendant of the animal. ( 20 inch black neck cord
included, sterling chains available for an extra charge, please inquire for pricing).

Please make sure to reduce the file size before sending, we will pick out just the animal face for the pendant so keep that in mind when sending.

Custom pendants are $20.00 with free shipping. ( please allowed 6-8 weeks for delivery)

Email picture to: 
I will respond that I have received and let you know if the photo is workable.

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Gotta Love Dogs  
So my love of dogs started when I was very little and my Mom owed a pet shop.She used to put me in my car seat in the front window of the shop when she got there in the mornings so she could clean cages and feed everyone.  She had the shop until we moved to Atlanta when I was 4 years old.  After that Mom and Dad raised Poodles and German Sheppard’s. Read More » 2009 © All Rights Reserved.