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So my love of dogs started when I was very little and my Mom owned a pet shop.  She used to put me in my car seat in the front window of the shop when she got there in the mornings so she could clean cages and feed everyone.  She had the shop until we moved to Atlanta when I was 4 years old.  After that Mom and Dad raised Poodles and German Sheppard’s.  When I was 11 years old we moved to another town and I didn’t have any friends there so Mom got me my first real dog.  Her name was tootles the poodle.  We rescued her from some people that had wound up with her when her elderly ower had died, they had her chained outside with a chain that could hold an elephant.  Well she came to live with us and that started it……….There have been many in between Pup, Capri and Peepers , Erl and Sammy Sam to name a few.

Then about 6 years ago came a little dog with big blue eyes.  Mom and I had both seen her on the website and knew she was the one.  We needed a pal for ERL, Our Akita/Cattle dog mix.  He was a wonderful “huggybear” guy.  Huggybear was his nickname because he would jump on you and hug you when you came to visit.  He loved everyone and everything….  Even little Sammy-sam….  But we will get to him….
So we went to see this little girl named Cinnamon…..  well Erl liked her and she seemed to like him…  They sniffed butts and that was it….  So we took Cinnamon home…  but you see she wasn’t a cinnamon….  It just didn’t fit….  But that was the name on the piece of tape left on her neck when her previous owned dumped her off at a vet techs house along with her friend a cocker spaniel.  I think they dumped her because she had heartworms and they couldn’t afford to give her treatment.  Well,  she was lucky enough to be given to a wonderful kind hearted person who runs a rescue group here in Atlanta named “The Dog House Rescue” She loves animals so much and she took in my girl and took great care of her but knew she needed a forever home.   Anyhow, back to the story…… 

After much debate, we decided on the name of “MUNCHIE”  which is a long story in itself if you wanna know it, email me.   But my girl has been thru a lot.   When we got her she had heartworms and had to go thru treatment for that.  But that wonderful lady with the rescue took great care of her during the treatment and even let her sleep in her bed the nights after the treatment...

Then one day, she was coming back into the house from the yard and walked smack into the house…  Well we found out very soon that she had glaucoma…  partly because of her blue eyes but, it was taking her vision….  We had to start very expensive medications that night and this went on for 2 ½ years until one day she lost all of her site….  The doctors suggested that she have her eyes removed as you see that glaucoma causes a lot of pain from pressures that build up in the eye area and cause migraine type headaches.  Since the pressures had taken her site but not the pain we knew we had to do something.  Well for me there was only 1 choice.  Total eye removal.  It was a hard decision but one I had to make.  We have been thru a lot and we are best buddies.  Since the day of her surgery we walk everyday.  She demands that we walk,  but in our house we call it the “W” as you can’t say walk or spell W A L K as the dogs know what that means. But she is THE DAUGHTER DOG, and since I make beads, hence the business name DAUGHTERDOGBEADS.COM.

And the newest member of my pack is Max or Maxy Max or naughty cattle dog.  We saw him on the Atlanta and Company as a rescue up for adoption and had to run down to the Atlanta Humane to adopt him.  He has some issues now as he has gotten older but we work with the best dog trainer in the area with him….  He even got thru a 6 week basic agility course with 5 other dogs in it….  Doesn’t care much for anyone other that those dogs but we are working on it……So if you need a dog trainer….  Ask for Sonja…..  Especially if you have a cattledog…  But everyone is great there, max just happens to worship the ground that Sonja walks on…..

Then there is CAT….  He’s the odd ball in the family as he’s the only cat that we have at the time but he thinks he’s a dog.  He listens like a dog and will follow you around like a dog.  His name is Camelot and is a rescue from FURKIDS.  He’s a good boy with no front teeth but sharp claws.  He loves to play with Max until he gets to rough but they are buddies.

I couldn’t finish without telling a story about my niece.  Miss Baby, she is the associated bead maker when Munchie needs a nap ( Max isn’t allowed to make beads yet) Baby is my sisters dog, she was the original Daughter Dog but we stole the name in a brain storming evening while drinking margaritas near my sisters house.


Anyhow,  Baby loves her Aunt Donna…. Her mom tells her that I’m coming over and she lays by the from door waiting on me.  She loves her Aunt.   But she is a wonderful big studio girl. She just wanders around the studio while we make beads and reminds us to eat lunch as she might want a cookie.  She hates it when we go off together as she says, yeah there they go again, they won’t be back for hours……  Always looking for a bargain at the craft stores….

Things wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Sammy Sam….  He came to live in our hearts for a short time as we were a foster for him.  When we got him he was .09 lbs he was smaller than my size 7 foot.  We were only meant to have him a short time as he needed open heart surgery…  I just couldn’t afford that, so a retired doctor took him into her heart and is taking very good care of him now and he is a happy healthy pup of 2.9lbs now. 2009 © All Rights Reserved.